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This page is for finding new recipes for Hummus and new ways to add this all natural, healthy and nutritious food to your diet.

Hummus is a great snack made from garbanzo beans (also known as chick peas), sesame seed paste, lemon and garlic. It is an interesting alternative to Refried Bean Dips and High Fat Cheese Dips. Although it is usually served with Pita Bread in restaurants,it tastes great with crackers, tortilla chips, vegetables, rice cakes, bagels and pita chips.

You will also find that Hummus is a great tasting alternative for high fat butter or mayonnaise when used in making sandwiches. Hummus is a low fat substitute for cream cheese on your bagel as well. Hummus is an excellent addition any Healthy meal plan. As you can see in the following image, our Hummus is low in fat, low in sodium, low in total carbs and is a good source of protein and fiber. Hummus contains significant amounts of vitamins C, B6 and Folate as well as Manganese.

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